About Us

Juicy Lucy Designs sells millions of products across the UK from cards to chocolates to handmade soaps, their distribution channels currently extend to the beautiful independent boutiques of the UK through to Paperchase, River Island, Top Shop, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, WH Smith and ASDA.

“I drew my first fairy card collection one Tuesday morning in 1996, sitting cross-legged in my pyjamas at the coffee table, whilst waiting for the phone to ring, as in those days I was a supply teacher and my doodles were a hobby. I began trading in 1998, but it was still a little side-line, as I was passionate about teaching and busy setting up an Alternative Learning Centre for children. It was as if the little characters I was drawing had a life- force of their own, and the doors just kept on opening and the business grew- almost without me putting that much into it in the beginning. Soon it became apparent that the little fairies needed my full attention, and I began working full time on the business in 2001. My husband joined in too- and over the years we have grown and grown.. we have sold millions of products across the UK, including cards, mugs, stationery, our pioneer product “Magic Messages”, chocolates, magnets and we have just launched a stunning organic hand-made soap, made in West Wales  It is all very thrilling ..I love seeing the cards in stores- and it makes me even happier when I see people buy them!  I love the fact that thousands and thousands of people chose a Juicy Lucy Card to give to the love of their life on Valentine’s Day!!!”

Lucy Heavens. Company Founder & Brand Director

We really are little fairies, we love what we do at The Fairy Factory and we work very hard, except on Friday afternoons when we do a little jig and sip pink prosecco, so if you can't get through on the telephone that's why!